Why Us

The Right Tools

The Right Tools


Our team at Coastland Construction is personally involved with every client. This individualized attention enables Coastland to meet rigid construction schedules while providing the highest quality at a competitive price. Commercial projects require creativity and skill. Coastland Construction delivers! Our commitment to efficiency dominates every project we undertake. We are a company that is comprehensive enough for large jobs yet intimate enough for modest designs.


By overseeing all phases of construction—from initial planning through completion—our team provides continuous communication, expert analysis, and immediate response.

Coastland is dedicated to each project from start to finish. Finished means when you're 100% satisfied. Furthermore, Coastland provides a warranty package and post-completion service that is second to none. From the initial design, to the final inspections and thereafter, we'll be there to see your big idea become the complete package.


Building in South Florida presents certain obstacles. Strict construction codes, varied municipal regulations, and a fluctuating labor force could easily complicate projects. Coastland Construction's personnel boast experience at city and state levels, so we're well equipped to anticipate and manage the various demands of building in these different venues.

Clients throughout South Florida recognize the value of our keen insight and attention to detail: over 80% of Coastland's business is derived from repeat customers. With such a history of customer satisfaction, you can be assured that Coastland and the skilled Coastland team is your perfect choice.

Coastland has the right tools to succeed in South Florida's challenging business climate. Our combination of industry experience and local knowledge is further enhanced by our sophisticated project management computer systems.